Babies feet are tiny, round and plump and we can't help but revel in how perfect they are, for this reason Hiromi offers a unique casting service that can keep these precious memories for years to come. This is also a wonderful idea to give to a loved one; vouchers are also available that can be given as a gift to soon to be parents.  

Hiromi is based in Crouch End, north London N8.
Please email for more information or to book a casting session in crouch end. Prices start from £65 for one foot cast (cast into plaster and with the initials or name of the child and the date) or £120 for two. The photos show examples of casts, but if you require pregnancy belly casting, body or face casting please email for a quote with an idea of what you are looking for. 

The best time to cast a baby could be between about 1 month old (when ever you feel brave enough to step outside your house!) and 8 months, but in reality babies can be cast any age, but the younger the baby is, the easier it is to cast.

For those not able to leave home and desire a more intimate quiet setting, I can also travel to your home as long as you are within the local area. The prices are for one cast £75 and £130 for two. 

Please note I only offer Plaster casts and not bronze casts.